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Port of Virginia

The Port of Virginia is served by the world’s largest and
most efficient cranes and boasts unobstructed shipping channels dredged to 50ft. It is the fastest growing Port
on the East Coast and is fully equipped today to handle the Post Panamax ships of tomorrow.


In Hampton Roads, over 100,000 active duty military personnel serve in all branches of the armed forces. Over 6,000 service members exit the military each year and establish their homes in the region.


In the past decade, 43 manufacturers have established operations in Hampton Roads creating over 2,800 new jobs and investing over $900 million.


Hampton Roads offers a diverse array of lifestyles; from condos in our urban centers, to single family homes set on rural acreage to waterfront dwellings along our 2,600 miles of shoreline, there is something for everyone.


Virginia’s corporate income tax rate of 6%, unchanged since 1972, is 0.75% below the national average.

Hampton Roads, VA

Hampton Roads - officially referred to as the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The region attracts and retains many of the world's most recognizable companies and thrives on its highly educated workforce including a renewable source of labor from our exiting military personnel. Centrally located on the mid-Atlantic coast, Hampton Roads has a modern infrastructure, including the state of the art Port of Virginia, that connects us to the global marketplace.

When considering a location for your company, the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance (the Alliance) stands ready to assist you in investing in our region. Visit our Business Services page for more detailed information.

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The investment of both public and private partners assure The Alliance's ability to meet with corporate decision makers, broaden the region's global outreach, and utilize cutting edge technology and research tools.

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